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Tahune Airwalk & Hastings Caves

This day trip takes you on the Tahune Forest Airwalk – a cantilevered bridge that allows you to walk through the treetops 40 metres above the ground – then on to the Hasting Caves for a swim in the thermal pools and a spectacular underground cave walk. Book tour
  • Walk
    Walk through the treetops
  • Girls
    Girls on Bridge at Tahune Airwalk
  • Below
    Below ground, Hastings Caves

This tour travels south of Hobart into the great Southern Forests, along the Huon River through the Huon Valley. ‘Walk through the trees’ suspended 40m high above the ground, then further south we drive to delve 40m underground into the vast chambers of a cave tour.

Our first major adventure for today is to explore the Tahune Forest Airwalk. We head up the short hill to begin our walk along the Cantilever. It stretches for 597 m through the treetops. Enjoy the sensation of being suspended above the Huon River with breathtaking views across the treetops and surrounding mountains. We have time to explore and enjoy more walking here at Tahune. We can take on a longer walk (45mins) to experience the “Swinging Bridges”. With a 50m span across the river this is another thrilling experience and makes for fabulous photos! For a more “tame” experience there is the easy 20 minute Huon Pine Walk where these famous and unique local trees grow alongside the river with some as old as 2000 years, a delightful and enchanting short walk.

We continue our journey south to the Hastings Cave Reserve.  This is a quiet, remote and spectacular area where we enjoy a variety of activities and soak up the unique atmosphere.  Bring your swim gear and jump into the Thermal Springs swimming pool where the water is always 28 degrees (celsius). Or just relax in the beautiful forest surrounds, wander along the Hot Springs Nature Trail where the warm water meets the cool water , and also home to the unique & playful Platypus, keep your eye out for this elusive local.

We begin our Cave Tour conducted by the National Parks expert guides. Cave temperature is always 9 degrees so bring your jumper along for this one. We head underground to explore this spectacular cave which is Australia’s largest tourist Dolomite Cave.

On our return to Hobart there is opportunity to stop at the many roadside stalls and collect some delicious local produce such as Cherries, Berries, Apples, Ice-creams and also a stop for a honey tasting along the way.  (fruit & produce stops are seasonal and may also vary due to changeable operating hours of the various operators.)

We return to Hobart City accommodation around 5.30-6.00pm.

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Tour Details

  • Adult: $150
  • Concession: $140
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Departs: Hobart 7.30am
  • Returns: Hobart 5.30pm
  • Days: Monday and Thursday
  • Pick up time: 7.00am to 7.30am depending on your location
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