About us

Tours Tasmania is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and we achieve this through our dedicated efforts on our phone lines and email enquiries and responses.

Our guides are our key in delivering to you, a fantastic day out in Tasmania. Whether you join us for 1 or more or all of our day tours our guides are there 100% dedicated to enlighten and enliven your tour with us in this beautiful part of the world.

Our tour buses are all Toyota Hiace Commuters. These are small buses that seat 12 or 13 passengers on board. We love to operate with small groups. This gives us the best opportunity to get to know your name, where you are from, what you are most looking forward to seeing on your tour with us. We can help take your photographs, explain some interesting details to you about the areas that we visit. Most importantly – our guides walk and talk with you. This is a significant difference with our tours – our guides are there to walk the tracks, explain about the things we see, help you to spot the local wildlife along the way and show you the small things that you may normally miss. All this and more is possible with a small group.

Minimal Impact Bushwalking is an important element of visiting our National Parks and keeping our natural resources in the best state we can. Our guides will discuss the things you can do or not do during your visit to our National Parks to help keep our impact to a minimum.

We are a small business of dedicated travel professionals. From the owner to the guides we have all travelled and have many different experiences behind us that bring out the best in our business and tours. We believe in showing you the truth of the places we visit and the things we do and this is achieved through the photos that you will see across our website, brochures and advertising. These are all taken on our tours by our guides, staff or guests.

If you’d like to know more about our tours please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page and our Terms and Conditions Page. We have also published our Responsible Travel charter.

We’re also always on the lookout for talented and friendly staff (especially in the peak season) so please check our our careers page if you’re interested in joining our family!

If you’d like to know more about getting around while you’re in Tasmania check out our Travelling Tasmania page as we’ve compiled some handy tips there for the traveller.

Please do not hesitate to contact us we look forward to hearing from you and helping with your travel plans.

Happy and safe travels!

Jennifer Winn
Managing Director