Responsible Travel

Tours Tasmania is passionate about enjoying our National Parks and we love to share the stunning beauty and unique native flora and fauna of Tasmania’s natural environment.

Environmental Responsibility

We educate all guests on minimal impact bushwalking and the Leave No Trace policy before entering our National Parks.

In relation to our tours, we operate with small groups with maximum group sizes of up to 20 guests. This means our guides can connect with our guests and provide a more personalised, higher quality experience, while also ensuring that our small group size has a minimal environmental impact.

Our Tour Guides are passionate about nature, the environment, and our special island home of Tasmania. They deliver thorough and accurate interpretation along our walks. It is an important aspect that our guides help to keep wildlife disturbance to a minimum by viewing from appropriate distances and informing our guests how to view wildlife with patience and respect.

Activities are always confined to tracks and boardwalks to minimise negative impacts.

In addition to our own initiatives we also ensure we align ourselves with other environmental ambassadors like Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Economic Responsibility

Tours Tasmania offers the most diverse range of day tours across all small group tour operators, operating inTasmania, covering many of the state’s iconic regions.

By transporting both international and domestic visitors to regional Tasmania, we help to deliver tourism dollars to regional townships.

Our guests are encouraged to purchase locally produced products from locally owned shops and markets, en-route as well as at our destinations.

We actively promote quality regional tourism businesses, such as Kate’s Berry Farm on the East Coast, Ashgrove Cheese near Cradle Mountain and Federation Chocolate Factory on the Tasman Peninsula as part of our touring program.

Social Responsibility

Tours Tasmania is an Accredited Tourism Business. As part of the accreditation process, Tours Tasmania is required to provide an in-depth submission regarding economic, environmental and social sustainability. Tours Tasmania is known in the industry to take its social responsibility seriously by offering many students from a variety of colleges and university placements in our office and the opportunity to shadow our guides on tour. Quite a few of these have led to full time or part time positions within the organisation.

We are also very flexible in accommodating our employee needs in regards to balancing family and working life and providing a family-focussed, flexible working environment for our staff. .

From a touring perspective, we promote close relationships with our suppliers and have long standing partnerships with many. By our visits and the payment of park entrance fees we ensure that Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service are able to continue their vital conservation, maintenance and education work. Whilst most of our tours concentrate on Tasmania’s amazing wildlife and natural environment, some of our tours have a strong cultural component. We take care to educate our guests with sensitivity in relation to Tasmania’s well known cultural diversity.